Q: Where are Andolini faucets manufactured?

A: All products under the Andolini Brand are Made in Italy. Since 2009 italian laws stipulate that all products labeled Made in Italy must be 100% italian regarding planning, manufacture and packing. Our production in Italy for the Andolini Brand is specifically made for the USA market consumers.

Q: What is the warranty on Andolini Products?

A: For information on product warranty please visit our web site www.andolini.com scrole down to the bottom of the web site and and click on Support. If there is anything you need to know about our products, how to install, connections, or any other technical information please contact us directly at support@andolini.com and we will get back to you.

Q: Can I order an item outside the US?

A: Our products are manufactered for the US market. All conections and regulations are standard for the US. We also keep stock in Italy and have European standard products. It's not a matter of shipping but the country's regulations. We can send our items anywhere around the world but we would have to make sure they're compliant. 

Q: Does the shower system come with the rough in's? and what kind?

A: This Item is a substitute for a shower head so it does not have rough in. You would have to have a mixer already installed or purchase a regular 1 output mixer separatly. Water must come from a shower mixer to an output from inside the wall. It is very easy to install and plumbers only have to make a simple internal connection for water supply.

Q: What is the reach of the spout from the wall on the sorrento wallmount sink faucet?

A: There is a 9" distance from the wall to the spout.

Q: Can the kitchen faucet KI111246 change from spray to stream?

A: Yes it can, the top part of the spout has a button that allows you to make the switch.

Q: Does the kitchen faucet KI111255 rotate sideways?

A: Yes it does. All of our kitchen faucets have swivel spouts and are made to rotate. 

Q: When I buy a faucet, is the drain included?

A: No it's not. The drain is sold separately.

Q: Sorrento EDS02124. How can I find out how high the handles are from the bottom?

A: The distance from the bottom part of the handle to the bottom part of the faucet is 2.7" or 7cm