Hi everyone,

Thanks to so many things combined things have been going wonderfully here at Andolini since 2015. 

We've had the opportunity to work with amazing people, travel the US looking for businesses to partner with and learned a lot about what we should do to improve in any way we can from the customers that give us the feedback we live for.

Things are changing for the better and a big part of it is going to be dedicated to "online sales". This has been an important aspect of our growth and we're dedicating more time and resources so customers can have immediate access to more information than they used to on our web site.

When you click on each item you will now find spec photos with dimensions in mm, installation instructions where we anticipate questions you may have and Free shipping on every single item we sell.

We have also included the tab "Services". If you are a Florida resident we recommend you browse through this section.  We have partnered with responsable companies that provide special pricing for our customers in the areas of high end carpentry, countertops in stone and contractors that are well known for their work in lighting and flooring installation. 

I hope you like our new web site...

Gianluigi Borrelli / CEO